Sunday, June 27, 2010

Father's Day Camping Trip

My friend Sara and I decided, along with our kiddos, to take the daddy's camping for Father's Day weekend. We made reservations at Bull Shoals-White River State Park. It was HOT!!!!! all weekend, but we found ways to cool down (see pictures below). Once the guys found out about the trip they started spending every spare minute working on the boat to get it ready for the trip, which almost didn't come with us. But, they pushed through getting her ready to go at 2am the day we were leaving!

The guys, proud of their hard work!
Bull Shoals Damn
Our family - the kids hate pictures in the sun, so this is the best we could get.
Taking the boat out for the first time.
So proud!

Megan wanted a turn to drive "Daddy's new boat"!
The four kids enjoying a snack.

Mommy with the little kids.

Daddy with the little kids.

Aren't we cute!

We had to get some skiing time in. (In case you can't tell, that's Sara, not me. I was forbidden from skiing, for now...)

Jaime skiing on Bull Shoals Lake.

Showing off how redneck we can be down here in Arkansas! (Yes, that is an air mattress!)

The White River in the morning.

The guys got up early on Sunday morning to do some fishing in the crystal clear water of the White River. (Nate Harlan, I know you're jealous. You guys need to get down here some time!!!)

Jaime caught his first Walleye! We fried him up and ate him at home the next day. (The fish, that is, not Jaime!)
We all had such a great time there just might be a repeat trip next year.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Sidewalk Painting

I got this great idea from a friend on how to make sidewalk paint. This morning we made up a quick muffin tin full of colors and spent the next hour outside painting. The kids had a blast!

Add about 2 Tablespoons of corn starch in each section of the muffin tin.
Add about 5 drops of food coloring.
Add water.
Have fun!

Yes - it is that easy!!!

Megan was so proud of her painting.
Joshua got a little bored using a paint brush after a while and decided to paint with his hands instead. Thankfully Megan was pretty much finished painting when Joshua came up this brilliant idea.

31 Weeks and Counting...

As of today I have 9 weeks left to get ready for baby #4! It feels so close yet so far too. I'm feeling really good, most days. That third trimester, I-feel-like-an-elephant;-wish-I-could-tie-my-own-shoes;-pure-exhaustion, is setting in at little more each day.

We are completely at a loss as what to name this child. We have tried to talk about it. Our conversation goes something like this:

Me: Honey, we've got to decide on a name for this baby. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions?

Jaime: Ummm...

(End of conversation.)

I know we'll come up with something, but we are beginning to run short on time.