Tuesday, March 03, 2009

RSV, Bald Eagles and Eyes

Today I ended up taking Sofia to the doctor. She has had a cold for a few days but each day it seems to get a little bit worse. This morning I could tell she was absolutely miserable! I called the doctor and got her in. It turns out she has a double ear infection and RSV, which basically has symptoms of a really bad cold. Our doctor said it seems to be a mild case. I'm thankful to hear that since she is only 8 months old (today!).


Joshua cracks me up. Little by little he is talking more. Almost everyday he is saying at least one new word. His newest thing to say is bald eagle, which he pronounces "Ball. Geagle." Two very separate words. I laugh every time I hear him say it. If we had a digital camera with video AND sound I would get a video so you all could hear him. It's funny! Part of what makes it even funnier, to me, is that he won't say simple things like please or thank you, but he'll say "ball geagle".

Back when Megan was just starting to get mischievous I told her that when a girl becomes a mom they grow eyes on the back of their heads. (In other words, don't do anything foolish because mommmy see's everything.) I remember my mom telling my sisters and me this when we were little. She has never forgotten this and completely believes me. Today she was behind me, jumping around and wanted me to watch her. So she said,"Mommy, watch me with your back eyes."


Steve and Lisa Gatto said...

"watch me with your back eyes"! that is so funny!!

The Hargett Family said...

That is funny. I think you should send it in to one of those parent magazines "kids say the funniest things". What a neat way to have little memories of your mom while you're in her shoes....

Bekah said...

That is great! Lexi does the same thing! The other day we were in the car and she wanted me to see something. I told her I couldn't looks because I was driving. She said, well just watch me with your eyes in the back of your head! :-)

Elizabeth said...

I don't know about you, but I DO have eyes in the back of my head. They see all sorts of things:)