Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cooking and Canning

This past weekend we made a big batch of salsa using tomatoes, yellow peppers, and onions from our garden. Once we finished preparing it, we canned most of it. We are looking forward to enjoying our salsa over the next few months.

We also went blackberry picking this past weekend which I turned into blackberry jam. I canned it as well.
I wish we had more and better pictures of our time at the blackberry farm. Those of you who know Joshua, also know he can be a handful in situations like this. It was all we could do to maintain control of that boy! His white shirt was completely purple by the end of our time there, as well as his hands, arms, and mouth!
We had a good time and are enjoying our homemade jam!


Colleen said...

What great and delicious looking pictures! Our tomatoes are doing awful this summer because it hasn't been hot enough... I want your salsa recipe for when they get better (hopefully soon- it's finally been hitting 90 a few times...). It looks fabulous! And we had the same issue picking blueberries with Stephen- he ate (and wore) them just as fast as we could pick them! Boys are so cute!

Jen said...

We had fun picking the blackberries. Joshua loves it but he's such a disaster!

As for the salsa recipe, I put the link on there on the word "salsa". Maybe it's hard to notice. Let me know how it turns out if you get enough tomatoes to make it. I wish I could give you some of ours. We can't hardly use them up fast enough!