Sunday, August 01, 2010

Welcome Alison Grace!

Alison Grace joined our family on Friday July 30th. Jaime and I arrived at the hospital very early that morning to start the induction. My blood pressure had been high and since I was already past 38 weeks, my doctor felt it best to go ahead and induce labor. I wasn't too excited about doing that since my last induction, with Sofia, was long and intense! I didn't want to go through that again but thankfully everything went really well this time. My labor was much more gradual that what I had with Sofia and not as long. The hard, intense contractions didn't start until around 2:00pm and she was here 2 1/2 hours later! I'm so thankful for the way everything went. It couldn't have been better!

Alison Grace Castaneda
Born: July 30, 2010 @ 4:26pm
6lbs 13ozs, 19in long

Each of the kids wanted their turn with their new baby sister! She is definately loved!!!

We came home Saturday afternoon around 5:00pm. I'm always anxious to get home from the hospital after having my babies.

Welcome home baby Ali! We are so glad you're here!!!


Kristen said...

She is so sweet and adorable! Congratulations!

Funny... my word verification is gatto! ;)


Congratulations Jenn! Ali is adorable.