Sunday, May 29, 2011

Our Honduras Trip - Part 2

I know it's about time I sit down and write a little more about our trip. I have a list a mile long as to why it has taken me so long, but I won't bore you with that.

So... we FINALLY made it to Siguatepeque, Honduras, the town where Jaime grew up, his mom and sister still live, and where we lived 3 out of our 4 years in Honduras. A lot had changed since I was last down there but it still felt very familiar and normal to be there.

We spent the first week mostly just spending time with everyone, hanging out, and letting all the cousins play together. It was a nice relaxing week for us! Here is our week in pictures.

Megan with her cousin Fiorella

Jaime and his brother Kike with their baby girls.
The girls are about a month and a half apart.

Jaime's 99 year old grandmother holding Ali.

Lots of new things to see!

Joshua was riding a bike every second he was allowed.
He LOVED these mud puddles!

Jaime's sister rented this bounce house for the kids.
It was a big hit! They all loved it!

Enjoying the bounce house with friends.

Love this picture!

We took the kids to a cave not too far away.
That's me, Jaime's brother, and all the kids.

They had fun in the cave.

Jaime has told the kids stories of riding his bike
around these banana trees. It was fun to take the kids
to see old memories that they have only heard about.

We got to celebrate Fiorella's 4th birthday!

All 7 cousins together for the first time!

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