Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Catching Up On Events

For Mother's Day we went to a park. We spent the day with my sister Andrea, her husband Brian, and some other friends.

Megan recently went with me to my doctors appointment, where she heard the baby's heart beat. Now she likes to play doctor and check mommy's baby all the time.

Our friends David, Sara, and their new baby, Ryan, came up to Arkansas to visit. Megan loved "baby Ryan" and couldn't wait to hold him. He didn't like it quite as much!

This past weekend we met up with some friends to watch hot air balloons fly into the Bentonville airport. This is Megan and her friend Alexis (Lexi) watching the balloons.

About 28 balloons flew into the airport. The girls really love it. It was a beautiful day!

1 comment:

Christin said...

the picture of Megan playing doctor kills me! Why does she feel it necessary to put blankets over your head? does that aid the process of hearing the heartbeat? :)
I love the way kid's minds work.
you guys are fabulous.