Wednesday, November 05, 2008

What can you do this holiday season?

As the weather turns colder and the leaves begin to fall, I'm reminded each day that Christmas is just around the corner. Almost as a constant these days are my thoughts of what to buy my kids for Christmas gifts. What do they need? What do they wish for? Nothing of any great value comes to mind. We, as a family, have so much. God has blessed us greatly. We would be buying things just for the point of buying things. Which brings me to my point of this post. Should I even buy much or anything at all for my kids this year?

I love the idea, that has become popular among many ministry organizations, such as CAM or Samaritan's Purse, to "buy" gifts for others around the world, often times in place of buying something for your own friends and family. Although I have never participated in something like this, each year I have the desire to do so, as I see the enormous need around the world. Instead of buying my son a new toy car why couldn't I buy a soccer ball for kids who have not one toy. Or instead of buying my new baby another cute outfit, that money could be used to buy blankets for a cold family or milk for hungry kids. I'm sure my 5 year old would love the idea of knowing she helped poor Honduran children have a healthy meal at school. It would be something that would impress on her so much more than another doll to add the collection of 20 or so we already have. Wouldn't your husband just love fish or a llama this christmas? Or how about a bridge, some water or a floor for your in-laws?

So... we each can ask ourselves, "What can I do?" or the bigger question "What SHOULD I do?"

What would Jesus do?


harlanhouse said...

I have been thinking alot about this too, Jen. One of the ministries I've been considering is Operation Christmas Child. These are such a great way to teach our children to think outwardly instead of inwardly!

Jen said...

Yes. We participate in Operation Christmas Child each year too. That is a part of Samaritan's Purse. It's a wonderful ministry. A pastor friend of ours in Honduras has told us that some of the kids at his church recieve those shoe boxes. It certainly is a blessing to the kids!

harlanhouse said...

That is so neat that they can touch so many kids- you never know who you'll be sending it to... I'll tell the girls about your friend and his church kids- they'll think that's really cool!