Saturday, July 05, 2008

Osage Creek Resort and Spa 6-29-08

We had a great time at this exclusive tourist destination. The kids enjoyed floating down the rapids, wading in the water, catching fish and playing with rocks. Joshua took a nose dive into the deep-end while his daddy was distracted reeling in a huge fish. Megan enjoyed throwing the fish back in the water. And Mommy hauled her 38 week belly across field and stream to get to the pristine shores.

Floating the white water rapids

Megan loves to swim into the deep pools and Joshua kept leaning to the side trying to drink the muddy creek water.

Megan always asks to pet the fish Daddy catches. She also like to hold them and throw them back in the water.

She's always a little worried that the fish might bite her.

Joshua and his best friend Ryan Leiffer taking turns on the rapids.

The women and children gathered firewood and the men started the fire. We roasted hot-dogs and marshmellows. Joshua kept trying to steal food from Megan and Ryan.

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