Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fun in the Sun

This morning we decided to get outside, before it was 100 degrees, and play for a while. Our friend Ryan came over to play with us. All the kids had a great time, especially Ryan. Sometimes he isn't crazy about playing in the pool, but today he was all about it!

This picture was too cute, I just had to put it on here as well. Joshua is 20 months old and loves to show us where all the different parts of his face are. His newest thing is showing us his teeth. Here he is showing off his pearly whites. (Note: Please disregard daddy's feet and hairy legs in the background.)

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The mama in the madness said...

Hey Castaneda family! So glad you are back to blogging. Your kids are so cute you shouldn't deprive the rest of us from admiring them. The hairy legs. . . well, not so much. :) Sad I missed seeing you all a couple months back.