Monday, August 04, 2008


I know it's been a month since Sofia was born and I haven't yet shared with many of you an interesting piece of info. My cousin, who lives in Siloam Springs, AR, was pregnant the same time as I was. Our due dates were three days apart. It was fun to share this pregnancy experience with her. When the end was drawing near we were continuously talking and guessing as to who would go into labor first. Officially I was in labor first but it's irrelavant now because our babies were born the SAME DAY!!!
Here is a picture of me with both Sofia and Bekah.


The Hargett Family said...

I'm so glad that Sofia and Bekah will grow up so close together -- and be so close in age! Man - I thought Matt and Megan (6 mos) were close and Joshua and Drew (4 mos) were close in age. But I don't think that you can get any closer than Sofia and Bekah! ;0

The seven of us got to grow up close in age -- and share so much of our childhood together. It's nice that the seven great-grandkids will get to have fun together as well! You, Andi and I will so get to have fun like our mom's. Too bad we don't have a "grandma Bette" here to drop all seven off for a night off! haha!

Robbins' Nest said...

I didn't know that! How COOL!

Anonymous said...

That is so neat, Jen! What a wonderful blessing to have your family so close by- and to have cousins so close in age is great... especially for Sofia and Bekah! What a great story!!!