Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Living the Vida Loca

Life is pretty crazy around our house right now. There's not much of a schedule to anything. We eat when we can. We get showers/baths when we can. We attempt to get as much sleep as we can. We try to stay on top of making sure Joshua gets a consistent nap each day. Etc, etc, etc... Some days we are successful. Some days not so much...

This day I was in the kitchen doing something. Megan was playing on the computer and Joshua was near her playing with his cars. After a while I noticed it was really quiet in the other room. So I asked Megan, "What is Joshua doing?" She replied, "He's sleeping on the floor!" So I ran to get the camera. He's never done this before. He must have been so exhausted! Poor little boy! He never even woke up while I picked him up from the floor and carried him to his bed.

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harlanhouse said...

That is so sweet!