Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Patient and Productive

I did not have the greatest start to this day. Sofia woke up hungry at 4:45. I drug myself out of bed and nursed her. She nursed well for about 30 minutes or so. Afterward, she was sleeping in my arms (or so I thought) so I put her back in her crib. Then the trouble began! I was already back in bed with the blankets pulled up over me. And just in the moment I was able to get into that comfortable "ahhhh!!!" position... Sofia started fussing. I let her fuss for a minute or two because I couldn't bring myself to get out of bed again, but I finally got up. I didn't want her to wake up Joshua. I went into her room and she had her eyes wide open. Immediately I thought, "Great! There goes the rest of my sleep." I changed her diaper. She doesn't like being poopy. I rocked her. Burped her. Tried nursing her a little more. Held her in every position possible. But she just was not happy. So I figured, if I'm going to be awake with her I might as well be comfortable. So, we climbed in my bed, which made her MAD!!! By this point she is crying pretty hard. Jaime tried holding her, bouncing her, giving her gas drops, etc. Nothing worked!

At 6:15 she was still crying and now Joshua was up. So I went to the kitchen to make coffee. This was definately a lets-make-twice-as-much-coffee-as-normal kind of morning. By this time I needed to get Megan up to start getting ready for kindergarten. So, I put Sofia in her bouncy chair, which she generally hates being in, but I had to help Megan and take care of Joshua too. Now she is all out screaming! But, while Megan and Joshua were eating breakfast, she FINALLY fell asleep. From the pure, total exhaustion of the previous 2 hours she fell asleep. Ahhhh! The house was more or less quiet!

A while later Jaime and Megan were out the door on their way to work and school. Joshua was playing with cars and I was drinking some coffee. Sofia was still sleeping. Around 9:00 Joshua went down for his morning nap and Sofia was still sleeping! Now, the house was really quiet.

While all of this was going on I kept thinking, I'm tired and frustrated. I just want to be lazy and do nothing today. Normally on a day like today that's what I would do... nothing but the minimal to survive! But that still small voice in my head told me that's not the best use of my time. So, my prayer for this day is to be patient and productive. "Lord, help me make this day the best it can be. Despite the fact that I'm as tired and frustrate as can be, I have a job to do. Help me do it well!"


The Hargett Family said...

Sorry Sofia (and you) had such a rough night. Maybe she is missing Grandma holding her and spoiling her so much! ;0 I know Bekah has definitely gotten used to being held!

Hope the rest of your day went better and that tomorrow is even better yet!

The VanAukens said... poor little baby. I bet she was crying because she misses her Annie. I haven't seen her in a while. You can always call me when you need some help. I would love to come over and take care of her or play with Joshua or whatever you need. I love you!

Elizabeth said...

I'm sorry for your rough morning. Three is so much harder than two, don't you think? But the really hard time will pass quickly. Then it will be all fun!

The Oliva Family said...

i hear ya Jen....I'm right there with you! it's funny...I load up on coffee hoping it won't affect hannah....some days are all about survival :)

harlanhouse said...

I'm praying for you to have strength and patience- and I agree with Elizabeth... this will pass quickly (although it doesn't seem like it when you're in the middle of it!). I understand completely. I wish we lived closer so I could help!

Robbins' Nest said...

I feel your pain! You are not in this alone and hopefully there won't be too many of those days ahead. One day, in about 18 years, they will all be gone and we'll be wishing we were waking up at 4am to feed. Hope you're all doing well.