Thursday, August 07, 2008

Oh, How time flies!

Here are some pictures of Sofia at one month old. She is 5 weeks old today and I hate that I'm just getting around to posting these pictures. Oh well. Such is life with three kids. We are all enjoying Sofia. She is a sweet and beautiful baby. God has blessed us abundantly through the lives of each of our three kids.

This quilt was made for Sofia by Mary Gatto (my sister's mother-in-law).
Thank you, Mary. We love it!


The Oliva Family said...

She is getting so big! Doesn't time fly by so fast?! I understand the Vida Loca's just craziness isn't it?! but fun! I love the pictures! I so wish we were closer!

The Oliva Family said...

i just looked at this again! is that a Bum Genius cloth diaper i see on her??? :) if so, that's what we do too!

did she find her thumb already?

what a doll!